The Gloves

correct hand measurementSizing: We hand cut our gloves across a full range of half sizes to provide the perfect fit.
Ladies from 6.5" throught to 9" in half inch sizing. Mens from 8" through to 11" in half inch sizes.

Please see drawing for correct measurement.

Gloves can be ordered unlined or with cashmere or silk linings.

Signature Leather gloves are hand made using 16 individual pieces for each pair of gloves. Many of our styles are not only hand cut but also hand sewn throughout as well. This provides for free movement in all directions for the fingers and at the same time greatly reduces the stresses placed on the seams ensuring durablity, comfort and a correct fit - no longer readily available in the world of the mass produced.

View / print our Line Sheetview and print the Signature Gloves linesheet